19th – 2017 Classical Japanese Animation Music Concert


Think back to when you were young, were there some cartoons that accompanied you to grow up? And are the melody of their theme songs also imprinted in their minds?

The 19th regular performance of the Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra will present the theme songs and soundtracks of Japanese classic animation, and arrange music guides to let everyone know and reflect on these classicanimations. In addition, this concert specially invited the voice actor Chen, Jennifer who dubbing the cartoon of Doraemon in Taiwan. It can be heard live this time. Let’s enjoy these animation music together !

◆ A Cruel Angel’s Thesis

◆ Yuuki 100%

◆ GR Selection

◆ Your Name symphonic suite

◆ The theme song of Doraemon

◆ Ghibli Suite

◆ Chibi Maruko Suite

◆ The theme song of “The Attack on Titan”-Gong Ya

◆ One Piece Suite

◆ SLAM DUNK -I want to shout that I like you

◆ Detective Conan-If you are



Kaohsiung City Cultural Bureau Cultural Center – Chih-Te Hall


Kaohsiung City Cultural Bureau Cultural Center – Chih-Te Hall

Conductor|Wang, Chen

Concert Moderator| Patrick Du

Guest|Chen, Jennifer