24th -2018 Spectacular Film Score Master JOHN WILLIAMS


American composer / film soundtrack – John Towner Williams, who has worked for many well-known film soundtracks. To date, he has won five Oscars (51 nominations), four Golden Globe Awards (26 nominations), twenty-three Grammy Awards, and three Emmy Awards.

The Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra (KCWO) will be on the theme of the works from John Williams and play many of his masterpieces to let the audiences recall those classic movie soundtracks again at the end of 2018. We wish that all the audiences who like John Williams will be deeply touched by our performance, and let us to pay tribute to the film soundtrack master.

I call it an honorable priviledge to regard John Williams as a friend.” – Steven Spielberg

◆ Superman March-Main Theme (arr. by Paul Lavender)

◆ Memories of a Geisha (arr. by Chou, Hsuan-Hung)

◆ Adventures on Earth (arr. by Paul Lavender)

◆ Schindler’s List (arr. by John Moss)

◆ Jurassic Park Soundtrack Highlight (arr. by Paul Lavender)

◆ Harry Potter Symphonic Suite (arr. by Robert W. Smith)

◆ The terminal – Viktor’s Tale (arr. by Paul Lavender)

◆ Excerpts from Far and Away (arr. by Paul Lavender)

◆ Saving Private Ryan – Main Theme (arr. by Paul Lavender)

◆ Star Wars Concert Selection (arr. by Toshio Mashima)


2018.11.04 SUN. 14:30 

National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) – Concert Hall

2018.11.28 WED. 19:30 

National Theater & Concert Hall, R.O.C. – National Concert Hall

Conductor|Wang, Chan

Violin Solo|Hsuen, Chih-Chang

Clarinet Solo|Chen, I-Chun