29th – Brilliant Sound


This year is Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra (KCWO) 8th anniversary. We are going to present the concert, Brilliant Sound, in this summer. In the concert, we invite 8 amazing musicians to play 8 concertos by 8 different instruments in order to show you different characteristics of instruments in one concert. Besides, KCWO composer-in-residence, Hsuan-Hung Chou, composed a clarinet solo piece, VOW, for our 8th anniversary and will be premiered the wind orchestra version in this concert as well.

◆ Mutsuhito Ogino: Percussion Concerto for Wind Ensemble

◆ Hsuan-Hung Chou: “Vow” for Clarinet and Concert Band

◆ Lee, Che-Yi: “Raining in April Fantasy” for Flute and WindBrassBand

◆ Oscar Navarro: “LEGACY” Concerto for Oboe and Wind Band

◆ Bert Appermont: Colors

◆ Ito Yasuhide: Fantasy Variations for Euphonium and Band

◆ Yagisawa Satoshi: Tuba Concerto

◆ Philip Sparke:《Manhattan》for Trumpet and Concert Band


2020.08.09 SUN. 15:30 

National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) – Concert Hall

Conductor / Wang, Chan

Oboe / Hung, Akris H. C.

Flute / Lin, Shang-Jung

Clarinet / Chen, I-Chun

Trumpet / Su, Ting-Chuan

Trombone / Chien, Cheng-Hsuan

Euphonium / Kao, Min-Jui

Tuba / Liao, Wei-Chiang

Percussion / Chu, Sung-Yee

Composer in Residence / Chou, Hsuan-Hung