32th-A Half-Century of Cartoon
Classics from Japanese Animations in 50 years


“Cartoon” is not only the entertainment to kill time, but also the memory of our growth. Under the pressure in our daily life, cartoon reminds us the pure part within.

“A Half-Century of Cartoon” presented by the Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra will bring you the music of Japanese animations from 1963 to 2019, including “Astro Boy”, “Dragon Balls”, “One Piece”, “Spirited Away”, “Your Name”, and “Demon Slayer”. These pieces of music will surely remind you the excited and touched scenes in your memory.

The well-known ACG pianist RuRu will join the KCWO as special guest. What will the famous youtuber RuRu with more than 1,500,000 subscribers perform with the KCWO? You have to find out in person in the concert hall.

◆ 吹奏楽のための犬夜叉 

◆ 交響組曲「君の名は。」RADWIMPS

◆ 交響組曲「天気の子」 Weathering with You

◆ 藤子不二雄アニメメドレー

◆ スタジオジブリ・アニメ・メドレー Studio Ghibli Anime Medley

◆ 鬼滅の刃


◆ アニメ.メドレー「翔べ!ガンダム」

◆ ジャパニーズ・グラフィティXⅧ アニメ・ヒーロー大集合!


2021.04.25 SUN. 15:00 

Cultural Bureau of Kaohsiung Cultural Center Chih-Te Hall

Conductor|Wang, Chan

Special Guest|RuRu