Classic Japanese Dramas and Films Music Concert


Following TV series has become an important part of our daily life. Every impressive plot is accompanied with attractive music. Will hearing the music in the drama bring those scenes back to your mind?

Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra presents a concert featured music from classic Japanese drama. We will bring the music of Hanzawa Naoki, 101st Marriage Proposal, 1 Litre of Tears, Yamato Nedeshiko, Departures, Ryoma Den and Terms for a Witch to the Cultural Bureau of Kaohsiung Cultural Center Chih-Te Hall for the Arts.We welcome you to join us in the concert hall, and enjoy the music from these amazing Japanese dramas and films.

Back to those unforgettable moments in dramas and films

◆ Japanese Graffiti XXI—Music from medical dramas

◆ TV Drama Music by Sato Naoki

◆ “Say Yes” from 1991 TV drama “101st Marriage Proposal”

◆ Music from 1993 film “Water Traveler” 

◆ Music from 1999 film “Kikujiro”

◆ “First Love” from 1999 TV drama “Terms for a Witch”

◆ “Everything” form 2000 TV drama “Yamato Nedeshiko”

◆ “Road of Gokusen” from 2002 TV drama “Gokusen”

◆ “Pink Snow” from 2005 TV drama “1 Litre of Tears”

◆ “Will the Sky be Clear Tomorrow” form 2007 TV drama “Operation Love”

◆ Main Theme from 2008 NHK Taiga drama “Princess Atsu”

◆ “Memory” from 2008 film “Departures”

◆ “Stand Alone” from 2008 NHK special historical drama “A Cloud Upon a Slope”

◆ Main Theme from 2010 NHK Taiga drama “Ryoma Den”

◆ Main Theme from 2013 TV drama “Hanzawa Naoki”

◆ “Christmas Song” from 2015 TV drama “From Five to Nine”


2021.11.27 SAT. 19:30 

Kaohsiung City Cultural Bureau Cultural Center – Chih-Te Hall

Conductor|Wang, Chan

Performance|Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra