【35th-A Small World in Disney】


Do you still remember those wonderful imagination of life when we were still kids? It turns out that real life is different from our imagination.In Disney’s world, anything is possible. We could fly with princess Jasmine on the magic carpet like Aladdin. We could also explore the ocean like the little mermaid. The animation movies produced by Walt Disney Company are famous around the world. Their music is the unforgettable part of many people’s memories.

Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra is going to bring you back to Disney’s musical world. Music can heal our soul,, and bring back those wonderful memories in our life. Join us for this fantasy journey.

Into the Wonderland – Classic Animation Music of Disney in 30 Years

◆ Mulan

◆ Aladdin

◆ Moana

◆ Frozen

◆ Tangled

◆ Frozen II

◆ The Lion King

◆ The Little Mermaid

◆ Beauty and the Beast

◆. The Hunchback of Notre Dame



2021.12.19 SUN. 15:00 

National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)–Concert Hall

Conductor|Wang, Chan

Performance|Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra