36th- Portentum Escapes


We learned about monsters and dinosaurs from movies, books, and myths. These mysterious and fascinating creatures bring us boundless imagination. What is “it” like in your mind?

The Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra planned a program featured compositions related to “cold blooded animals”. For the first time, the KCWO planned a crossover performance combining wind orchestra, sound effects, and image projecting. Through the sound effects and image projecting, you will become the main character of the game, and have adventures with the music. You can walk into the world of monsters and experience their stories.

“Portentum Escapes” features the mission composer of the KCWO, Chou Hsuan-Hung as sound designer and Kao Chien-Chun as Projection Designer. By cooperating with the two artists, the KCWO will bring you a concert that you haven’t experienced before, both aurally and visually.

◆ Steven Reineke: Platus: Mountain of Dragons

◆ John Powell: How to Train Your Dragon (arr. by Ton van Grevenbroek)

◆ Koichi Sugiyama: Dragon Quest Concert Selection

◆ Monster Hunter World: Proof of a Hero

◆ Jurassic Park Soundtrack Highlights (arr. by Paul Lavender)

◆ Akira Ifukube: Godzilla Fantasia

◆ Eric Whitacre: Godzilla Eats Las Vegas!


2022.01.21 FRI. 19:30 

Kaohsiung City Cultural Bureau Cultural Center – Chih-Te Hall

Conductor|Wang, Chan

Sound Designer|Chou, Hsuan-Hung

Projection Designer|Kao, Chien-Chun

Performance Orchestra|Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra