39th-Hayao Miyazaki's Classic Animation Music Concert


Many of us grew up with Hayao Miyazaki's animation movies. In every wonderful movie, there are always memorable pieces of music. The music is sometimes warm and touching, sometimes magnificent, and there are also times of romantic and humorous. The composer who enriched these films is Joe Hisaishi.

Joe Hisaishi’s music is imprinted in many people’s mind. The Hayao Miyazaki's Classic Animation Music Concert presented by more than 50 musicians will bring you many classic animation music of Hayao Miyazaki and Joe Hisaishi at once. Let the Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra bring you back to the moment that you first watch Hayao Miyazaki’s films.

Find the thrill you felt the first time your heard Hayao Miyazaki's animation music

◆ Nausicaä of The Valley of The Wind

◆ Laputa: The Flying Island

◆ My Neighbor Totoro

◆ Kiki's Delivery Service

◆ Princess Mononoke

◆ Spirited Away

◆ Howl's Moving Castle


2022.12.9 (Fri) 19:30

National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)–Concert Hall

2022.12.10 (Sat) 15:00、19:30

National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)–Concert Hall

2022.12.11 (Sub) 15:00

Taichung City Chung Shan

2023.1.02 (Mon.) 15:00 National Theater & Concert Hall, R.O.C. – National Concert Hall