Ciao-Hua Chen

Ciao-Hua Chen is an active performer and clarinet teacher in southern Taiwan. She is currently the clarinet player of the Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra. During the past year, Ciao-Hua has performed through the Taiwan and overseas. She played in multiple styles of music including New Year Concert, Taiwan Folk music Concert, Fall Concert and Film music Concert. She also played the Woodwind Quintet as a chamber musician. Ciao-hua received Concertiste Diploma in Clarinet as well as performance excellence Diploma in chamber music from L’École Normale de Musique de Paris, where she studied clarinet with Prof. Guy Dangain and Prof. Geneviève MARTIGNY. Her other teachers included Prof. ChiaoHui Yang, prof. Weiyi Chu, and Prof. Yuqing Wang.