Hsien-Ling Pan

A Kaohsiung-born musician had gifted music education from Yancheng Primary School, Xinxing high school, and the Music department both at Tainan National University of Art and Taipei National University of Art. Hsien-Ling holds a Master of Arts in trumpet performance from National Kaohsiung Normal University, having worked with a number of artists including Yue-Han Wang, Zhong-Ming Zhang, Prof. Shi-Ping Deng, and Prof. David Argenta.

Hsien-Ling performed at multiple trumpet solo concerts from 2009 to 2016 with the highlight of the well-recognized show “Oscar Bohme: Trumpet Concerto” together with Symphony Orchestra from National Kaohsiung Normal University. She has been active in a wide variety of shows with different top-tier bands since 2012, including Kaohsiung City Symphony Orchestra, National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, Taiwan Soloists Symphony Orchestra, Taiwan Artists Symphony Orchestra, and Pingtung Symphonic Band. In 2016, HsienLing founded the first-of-a-kind brass band “Belle Brass” as the only all-female brass band in Taiwan.

Hsien-Ling is a trumpet player both in Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra and Belle Brass. She is also involved in trumpet education as an instructor at junior high schools including Municipal Qianjinguomin, Yangming, Nanzi, Municipal Datonggaoji and Nanrong, and at elementary schools including Bagua and Guang Hwa.