Mission Composer
Hsuan-Hung Chou

Hsuan-Hung Chou holds his master’s degree in Scoring for Film and Multimedia from New York University (NYU) Steinhardt. In 2015, his work Gaya: The Sound from Utux was the only winning selection in the composition competition held by the National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, NCO. Currently, he is focusing on concert music, creating works for chamber ensemble, concert band, and orchestra as well as collaborating with a diverse array of artists including dancers, painters, and theater companies. In addition to his work as a composer, his endeavors also include creating performance art programs, music education concerts for children, art education, and art promotion.

Since 2015, Chou has composed many pieces for wind orchestra two of which, Kaohsiung: The Harbor of Steel and Nantou: Words of the Utux, are featured on the album Taiwan New Sound from the Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra. Other works for wind orchestra include: Sketching Puget Sound, Mt. Jade, and Kaohsiung Festival Overture as well as Hengchun Ancient City – Memories of Lonkjouw, written for saxophone ensemble. He has also scored several documentary films such as ‘Beautiful Mountain’, and ‘F Comme Foot’.

Chou currently serves as the composer-in-residence for the Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra and the art director of Six Art Music.