Wei-Chiang Liao

Wei-Chiang Liao was born in 1985 in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. He began playing the tuba at the age of 13 when he attended the wind band of Junior High School, after years of playing till Sophmore in High School, he decided to study the music and major in Tuba after he graduated in High School. He began to prepare the Union tests of the music majority, and under the guidance of the tubist of Kaohsiung City Symphony Orchestra, Ts-Daung Pan, he got the highest score of the tuba section in that year, and started studying at Taichung University, studied with Ts-Daung Pan and Chun-Wei Chen. As a student, Wei-Chiang participated in Chi-Mei Orchestra and Taiwan Brass Quintet to increase his own performance experience.

After graduation, Wei-Chiang was selected as a performer at Gene Pokorny Low Brass Seminar in 2008, and he was in the final voted round of the YouTube Symphony 2011. Next year, he won the tuba position of Asain Youth Orchestra 2012. He also has the experience of the International music competition, he was in the Semi-finalist of ITEA Arnold Jacobs Competition in 2012, and three times Semi-finalist of ITEA Artist Solo Tuba Competition in 2012, 2014 and 2016. Wei-Chiang won the substitute tuba position with the National Symphony Orchestra (Taiwan) in 2015, and play half-season with them. At the end of 2016, he called for help with National Symphony Orchestra (Taiwan) to America for the concert tour, after back home, they signed a contract with Wei-Chiang for another half-season, he joined the European concert tour with the orchestra during the contract.

Besides the good experience with National Symphony Orchestra (Taiwan), he is also played with Taiwan National Symphony Orchestra and Kaohsiung City Symphony Orchestra many times.

Nowadays, Wei-Chiang is the regular member of the KCWO and teaching in several low brass sections of the school’s wind band.