Ying-Tzu Lee

Ying-Tzu Lee holds a master’s degree in musical performance with a specialization in saxophone from the Tokyo College of Music, Japan, where she was under the guidance of Professor Toshihisa Ogushi.

Her journey in mastering the saxophone began under the supervision of Zheng-Liang Xie. Along her academic journey, she has been mentored by notable teachers such as Professor Claude Brune from France, Dr. John Sampan and Dr. Jeffrey Heisler from the United States, Professor Chiharu Lemarie from Japan, and Professor Lars Mlekusch from Vienna. Her foundational education was undertaken at LinYuan Elementary School and LinYuan Middle School; after that, she joined the seven-year integrated music department of the Tainan University of Applied Science under the instruction of Professor Wen-Chun Chang.

A significant milestone in Ying-Tzu’s career was the collaborative performance with Professor Nobuya Sugawa from Japan in 2016. She then further pursued her passion for saxophone performance at Ueno Gakuen University in Tokyo under the guidance of Professor Shinichiro Hikosaka, Takamasa Matsubara, and Norikazu Nagasawa. Additionally, in 2018, she went to Hong Kong and earned an LTCL Recital performance certificate from Trinity College of London.

In 2023, she gave a recital entitled “Sound of the East” at the Zhi Shan Hall in Kaohsiung, featuring a series of music specifically composed for the saxophone by Japanese composers. Her recital included a notable performance of the Japanese Rhapsody, where she skillfully imitated the unique sound and style of traditional Japanese musical instruments such as the shamisen and shakuhachi.

She was awarded the Excellence Award in the High School Group A of the National Music Competition in 2000 and the same in the College Group of the competition in 2002 and 2004.

While Ying-Tzu was studying in Japan, she participated in various musical activities. These included numerous large saxophone ensemble performances, chamber music concerts, solo recitals, and notable performances at the Japanese Saxophone Annual Festival. She has also had the honor of being instructed by Professors Hiroshi Hara, Shiro Hatae, and Makoto Honto.

Upon returning to Taiwan, Ying-Tzu contributed to the local music scene. She performed with the Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra, Pingtung Symphonic Band, Jiasheng Wind Orchestra, A Team Saxophone Ensemble, Kaohsiung City Caprice Saxophone Ensemble, and the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra at various venues, including the Yuliao Relics in Chiayi, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, and the Sun Moon Lake Fireworks Festival.

Currently, Ying-Tzu dedicates her time and expertise to teaching at various institutions such as Yangming Middle School, Qianjin Elementary School, LinYuan Elementary School, Dongguang Elementary School, and Yuwen Elementary School in Kaohsiung. Her roles range from saxophone teacher to individual mentor and group instructor.