Zong-Sian Li

Zong-Sian, born and raised in Kaohsiung City, is serving as an instrument repairer and also a clarinetist in Kaohsiung City Wind Orchestra, Kaohsiung Citizens Band and Navy Band.

Zong-Sian started to play clarinet in high school music band, then joined navy band in 2001, after retiring from the service, he started instrument repairer as a job in 2007, and keeping digging more in repair through experience by his instructor Guo-Jing Wu.

As an enthusiastic wind repair specialist, Zong-Sian has visited various manufactures in Japan and France; he has received training by Buffet Factory, Muramatsu Factory, Sankyo Factory, Selmer Factory from 2008 to 2013. Primary instructors include Courderot Mr Christophe, Noda Kaoru, Chikuni Kaoru, Sebastein Fontaine, Fumiyasu Ito and Sylvain Benoist.

With great passion in clarinet, Zong-Sian is activating in clarinet performance. He received clarinet performance degree in Tainan University of Technology in 2013, under instruction of Hwei-Chi Yang.